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Video Host WMV (video) MP3 (audio) Summary
english1 David & Chaim english1.wmv english1.mp3 Illegal Immigration
english10 Chaim english10.wmv english10.mp3 Do you think it's better that Hamas is in power vs. Fatah?
english100 David & Chaim english100.wmv english100.mp3 YouTube has been pulling JTF videos
english101 David & Chaim english101.wmv english101.mp3 Democratic primary
english102 Chaim english102.wmv english102.mp3 Iran is still developing nuclear weapons.
english103 Chaim english103.wmv english103.mp3 Huckabee has the best positions on Israel.
english104 Chaim english104.wmv english104.mp3 What should you know about Hanukkah?
english105 Chaim english105.wmv english105.mp3 YouTube and CNN rigged the presidential debates.
english106 David & Chaim english106.wmv english106.mp3 A Message for YouTube Competitors
english107 David & Chaim english107.wmv english107.mp3 The Backlash Against YouTube's Anti-Semitic Censorship
english108 David & Chaim english108.wmv english108.mp3 Why Leftwing Clinton And Obama Must Be Defeated
english109 David & Chaim english109.wmv english109.mp3 Why We Support Huckabee for President
english11 Chaim english11.wmv english11.mp3 Speculation that NYC's Bloomberg might run for president
english12 Chaim english12.wmv english12.mp3 JTF urges an immediate end to all foreign aid
english13 David & Chaim english13.wmv english13.mp3 South Africa
english14 David & Chaim english14.wmv english14.mp3 The return of the immigration bill
english15 Chaim english15.wmv english15.mp3 Thousands of Muslims have commented on JTF videos
english16 Chaim english16.wmv english16.mp3 Hillary Clinton is anti-Italian-American
english17 David & Chaim english17.wmv english17.mp3 London bombing
english18 David & Chaim english18.wmv english18.mp3 Defeat of the amnesty bill
english19 Chaim english19.wmv english19.mp3 What Chaim would do if he was Prime Minister of Israel (Part One)
english2 David & Chaim english2.wmv english2.mp3 War in Iraq overview
english20 Chaim english20.wmv english20.mp3 What Chaim would do if he was Prime Minister of Israel (Part Two)
english21 David & Chaim english21.wmv english21.mp3 Bush's press conference about the "surge"
english22 David & Chaim english22.wmv english22.mp3 Our watered-down war on "militants"
english23 Chaim english23.wmv english23.mp3 Hillary Clinton censored JTF on Manhattan Cable
english24 Chaim english24.wmv english24.mp3 "Israel is not allowed to harm Muslim civilians"
english25 David & Chaim english25.wmv english25.mp3 Our dysfunctional federal government
english26 David & Chaim english26.wmv english26.mp3 Mexican immigration rules
english27 Chaim english27.wmv english27.mp3 We're in a lot of trouble due to Hillary's chances of winning
english28 Chaim english28.wmv english28.mp3 JTF's amazing recent accomplishments in Israel
english29 Chaim english29.wmv english29.mp3 Peace Now attacked the JTF Forum, Part One
english3 Chaim english3.wmv english3.mp3 Hillary Clinton claims she's for energy independence
english30 Chaim english30.wmv english30.mp3 Peace Now attack on forum, Part Two
english31 Chaim english31.wmv english31.mp3 A Jewish Hero - Jeffguy
english32 Chaim english32.wmv english32.mp3 Bush/Rice disastrous plan to increase foreign aid
english33 David & Chaim english33.wmv english33.mp3 David's story about the Koran quotes flyer
english34 David & Chaim english34.wmv english34.mp3 Flying imams lawsuit
english35 David & Chaim english35.wmv english35.mp3 Reparations for blacks
english36 David & Chaim english36.wmv english36.mp3 Presidential election discussion
english37 Chaim english37.wmv english37.mp3 Whatever happened to Roni the Nazi?
english38 Chaim english38.wmv english38.mp3 Education minister of Israel states creation of Israel is disaster
english39 Chaim english39.wmv english39.mp3 Barack Hussein Obama wants to meet with Muslim leaders
english4 Chaim english4.wmv english4.mp3 Hillary Clinton is a pathalogical liar
english40 Chaim english40.wmv english40.mp3 Barack Hussein Obama rules out using nukes to stop Iran
english41 David & Chaim english41.wmv english41.mp3 Publicly-funded Islamic school in New York
english42 David & Chaim english42.wmv english42.mp3 Burma in the British Empire vs. Today
english43 David & Chaim english43.wmv english43.mp3 Illegal immigrants
english44 David & Chaim english44.wmv english44.mp3 Hispanic attacks on whites
english45 Chaim english45.wmv english45.mp3 Chaim is applying to make aliyah
english46 Chaim english46.wmv english46.mp3 More on Chaim's aliyah application
english47 Chaim (in disguise) english47.wmv english47.mp3 Palestinian terrorist endorses Hillary Clinton!
english48 Chaim (in disguise) english48.wmv english48.mp3 Black Muslim endorses Hillary or Barack!
english49 David & Chaim english49.wmv english49.mp3 Michael Vick
english5 David & Chaim english5.wmv english5.mp3 Why is Islam so violent?
english50 David & Chaim english50.wmv english50.mp3 Do you know what the word "freedom" means
english51 David & Chaim english51.wmv english51.mp3 JTF on YouTube
english52 David & Chaim english52.wmv english52.mp3 Pakistan Muslims in the US
english53 Chaim english53.wmv english53.mp3 How can JTF take over the state of Israel?
english54 Chaim english54.wmv english54.mp3 A real right-wing movement in America
english55 Chaim english55.wmv english55.mp3 The future of Kosovo and Serbia is essential to Europe/World
english56 Chaim english56.wmv english56.mp3 A question of basic fairness (white rights vs. black rights)
english57 David & Chaim english57.wmv english57.mp3 Arab parade in New York
english58 David & Chaim english58.wmv english58.mp3 Education in our culture (technical progress)
english59 David & Chaim english59.wmv english59.mp3 General Petraeus report to Congress
english6 David & Chaim english6.wmv english6.mp3 Immigration & Presidential Election
english60 David & Chaim english60.wmv english60.mp3 Sad state of presidential candidates
english61 Chaim english61.wmv english61.mp3 The Jena Six
english62 Chaim english62.wmv english62.mp3 Albanian Muslims
english63 Chaim english63.wmv english63.mp3 Hillary Clinton Is The Most Corrupt Politician In America
english64 Chaim english64.wmv english64.mp3 Ongoing plots to destroy Israel, Annapolis conference
english65 David & Chaim english65.wmv english65.mp3 White Couple Killed in Tennessee vs. Jena Six
english66 David & Chaim english66.wmv english66.mp3 Jena 6 - Larger Implications
english67 David & Chaim english67.wmv english67.mp3 Iranian President's Visit to America
english68 David & Chaim english68.wmv english68.mp3 "General Betray-Us" Ad
english69 Chaim english69.wmv english69.mp3 Hillary Clinton Proposal to Give $5,000 to Every Baby
english7 David & Chaim english7.wmv english7.mp3 Bush's immigration bill
english70 Chaim english70.wmv english70.mp3 Hillary Refuses to Answer Questions
english71 Chaim english71.wmv english71.mp3 Israel Survival in Jeopardy Due to Annapolis
english72 Chaim english72.wmv english72.mp3 Why Does JTF Support India?
english73 David & Chaim english73.wmv english73.mp3 Governor Spitzer
english74 David & Chaim english74.wmv english74.mp3 Hillary's Candidacy
english75 David & Chaim english75.wmv english75.mp3 What happens when we get president Hillary Clinton?
english76 David & Chaim english76.wmv english76.mp3 Direction this country is heading in - driver's licenses to illegals
english77 Chaim english77.wmv english77.mp3 Is there a God?
english78 Chaim english78.wmv english78.mp3 Transforming JTF into a mass movement
english79 Chaim english79.wmv english79.mp3 Putin & Iran
english8 David & Chaim english8.wmv english8.mp3 Tennessee Black Attack on Whites
english80 Chaim english80.wmv english80.mp3 Giuliani opposes Hamas state
english81 David & Chaim english81.wmv english81.mp3 Ha'aretz story about Roni the Nazi
english82 David & Chaim english82.wmv english82.mp3 Barack Hussein Obama
english83 David & Chaim english83.wmv english83.mp3 Guns
english84 David & Chaim english84.wmv english84.mp3 Senate vote on English as official language
english85 Chaim english85.wmv english85.mp3 Rabbi Kahane
english86 Chaim english86.wmv english86.mp3 Spitzer plan to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens
english87 Chaim english87.wmv english87.mp3 Democrats say we don't have to worry about Islamic bomb
english88 Chaim english88.wmv english88.mp3 Croatian Nazi band on tour
english89 Chaim english89.wmv english89.mp3 Annapolis summit
english9 Chaim english9.wmv english9.mp3 Look at what's happening in Gaza
english90 Chaim english90.wmv english90.mp3 Ron Paul is a Nazi
english91 Chaim english91.wmv english91.mp3 Kosovo
english92 Chaim english92.wmv english92.mp3 History of Nazi Coatia
english93 Chaim english93.wmv english93.mp3 How Can JTF Take Over the Israeli Government?
english94 Chaim english94.wmv english94.mp3 Ron Paul Is Not Going to Win
english95 Chaim english95.wmv english95.mp3 Questions for Croats
english96 Chaim english96.wmv english96.mp3 Mitt Romney is a Disastrous Candidate
english97 Chaim english97.wmv english97.mp3 Frank Weltner's YouTube Account Removed
english98 David & Chaim english98.wmv english98.mp3 YouTube's campaign against JTF
english99 David & Chaim english99.wmv english99.mp3 JTF's Hebrew videos
hillary1 Chaim hillary1.wmv hillary1.mp3 Hillary Clinton is a Jew-Hater
hillary2 Chaim hillary2.wmv hillary2.mp3 Hillary Clinton is a traitor to the USA
hillary3 Chaim hillary3.wmv hillary3.mp3 Hillary Clinton tried to socialize health care
hillary4 Chaim hillary4.wmv hillary4.mp3 Hillary Clinton election will lead to Muslim nuclear attack
hillary5 Chaim hillary5.wmv hillary5.mp3 Hillary Clinton has a long relationship with Yassir Arafat